KO’AN Re-Texturizing Peel

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Ideal for acne scarring, textural problems and sun damaged skin.

This multi-functional treatment combines a unique synthesis of cell turn over enhancers and Vitamin A. This treatment has a unique anhydrous gel delivery system that limits acid ionization, resulting in less discomfort, epidermal disruption and down time, usually associated with conventional TCA aqueous solutions. This peel will help smooth the skin’s texture, restoring a polished, radiant more youthful appearance.

A mainstay of aesthetic medicine. Trichloroacetic acid is a powerful keratolytic agent that can greatly improve the appearance of sun damaged skin. Introducing the KO’AN gloss peel a precise combination of 17% Trichloroacetic acid and 17% Salicylic acid in a phenol. It also allows a longer contact time of the peel solutions with the skin thus enhancing efficacy. The KO’AN Post Peel Kit is supplied with products that will optimize the therapeutic outcome of this treatment.